The Musa Raza Story

The Musa Raza Story

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Musa, born in majestic Lahore, Pakistan moved to Canada on August 19th 2008. To him it was the beginning of something new, it was an exciting day that he will never forget. Starting his academics at York meant leaving everything he knew behind for the chance to gain something greater. With his charm and excellent social poise it wasn’t hard for Musa to make friends and soon his social circle expanded across campus. Though many people surrounded him, he still felt like something was missing, – a bond greater than friendship. He realized that he could find this in the brotherhood of a fraternity

Preparing to start his own fraternity he came across others who had the same goals in mind. They wanted to make the most out of their university experience, but more importantly find a group of people they could call brothers. Musa recognized that it would not be an easy task for one man to complete. In 2011 he and a group of 7 others formed the 8 Re-Founding Fathers of Ontario Delta and together were able to reinstate the Chapter.

Musa Raza: “I can honestly say I made the best friends that I’ve ever had in my life and probably ever will have in my life. My life experience and Canadian experience was enhanced 1000 times over because of the fraternity and the people I’ve met through it.”

Graduating from Public Policy and Business Management Finance in 2012, Musa started his career by working at Northern Trust one of the top asset management companies in North America. Knowing how tough and competitive finding a job can be, Musa found a way to stand out from the crowd by going from office to office with the intent to meet new people and to network. He eventually bumped into someone who found him to be the perfect candidate and a job offer was made.

Flash-forward to the present day where 25 year old Musa is now working at RBC Investment and Treasury Services as a Derivatives Analysis. Although extremely skilled in finance, Musa plans to put his creative mind to work and branch off into Public Relations or Marketing. When asked why he wants to switch to something so different he responded with “ You know your own strengths. I’m good at what I do, but I feel like I’m wasting myself and if professionals that have been in this field for so long encourage and see the potential without me having any prior experience that obviously means I should try it.”

~Adrian Anderson

Phi Delta Theta

Founders Day 2014

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