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Being a Brother of Phi Delta Theta means making friends for life. Phi Delta Theta is about sharing your college experience with a unique group of men that you are proud to call your Brother. This brotherhood will extend far beyond your college years.  No matter what difficulties occur in life, you will always have brothers by your side. Through the bond of Phi Delta Theta, men with different backgrounds but similar ideals unite with a common purpose: to foster excellence in scholarship, leadership, teamwork, individual growth, and involvement in community service.

Campus Involvement

We take campus involvement very seriously, and that is reflected by our appointments to some of the most prestigious York University organizations, including the College Council, Student Groups and more. Brothers are also active participants in university intramural sports. Whether it be a group study in the library, going to the gym, grabbing food or whatever else, there are always brothers on campus eager to tag along.

Academic Achievement

Phi Delta Theta understands the monumental importance for academic achievement- after all, it is the reason you are attending university in the first place. Phi Delta Theta itself is designed to enhance your academic performance and establish effective study habits through out your scholastic career. Members have the opportunity to seek guidance and tutoring from older brothers and our alumni. Our members come from many different fields of study and disciplines but all achieve success. Members often continue their education in law, business, medicine and other grad school programs upon graduation.

Social Life

Collegiate life offers more than academics. Everyone needs a little time to relax, and Phi Delta Theta has just what you need. Our social calendar is second to none. During the school year, we host several events including hangouts, sports events, retreats and more. In addition, we hold a number of mixers with sororities throughout the year and participate in our own philanthropy and other fraternity/sorority philanthropy projects. Our members often plan vacations together for things like spring break and summer destinations. In addition, road trips to different schools across Canada and the USA are an unmatched experience.

Alumni Base

Phi Delta Theta has over 170 000 living alumni, residing all over the world. Much of our Alumni base is composed of lawyers, investment bankers, doctors, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs; just too name a few professions. Our alumni compose a vast and comprehensive network of professionals. As a brother of Phi Delta Theta networking is easy, brothers have established personal, solid connections with professionals. Brothers help find each other jobs and build off of each others success.

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